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DIY HomeDIY Home - DIY home help. We try and help you find the information you need to be able to fix various things around your house by yourself, without having to get an expert in. Things like DIY heating, and DIY home security systems.

Home heating (Click to enlarge)
Home heating

When you thinking on DIY heating home, you need to be aware of some things. Check information on precautions, first steps, instructions and some links to buy heaters online.

When setting up a furnace or boiler your measurements need to be precise and your skills need to be sufficient to make sure that the system is safe to be used. A heating system needs to be well designed to function at its best. Important things to consider when designing a system include local climate, house construction, and types of materials. You also need to make allowances for fuel storage when designing a system.

Installing central heating (Click to enlarge)
Installing central heating

When you thinking on DIY heating home, you need to be aware of some more things. Often the new system that you purchase will not fit in the space where the old system was located. This would require making changes to floors, walls and/or ceilings. If you are replacing a furnace that is supplied with either gas or oil, you need to have polished DIY plumbing skills. Also be aware that the cost for tools and materials may be much larger than you had originally anticipated. Having a system which is improperly installed can be very dangerous for your family and home. Anyone who wishes to install a heating system on their own should have an expert there to guide them and inspect their work.

To keep your home or office warm is better to install a central heating unit. Conventional central heating systems require two tanks, one for cold water storage and feed and one for hot water, both will require some space. Boiler heating systems are less expensive than traditional systems as many of the components are built into the cylinders.

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The main components of a water central heating system include a boiler, radiators, and interconnecting piping. You need to have bleed valves to allow the release of air in the system if the piping is located above the radiators. You can install the piping either in the ceiling or under the floor. The piping should never be used to support the weight of the floor as this can lead to broken pipes. Often under floor piping runs along the joists or through cut outs in them. For ceiling installations the pipes are usually run between the joists for the ceiling above. You will see better energy efficiently and increased safety if the piping is insulated. DIY Heating Home

Water heating (Click to enlarge)
Water heating

Heating system schema (Click to enlarge)
Heating system schema

Goodman heat pump (Click to enlarge)
Goodman Heat Pump

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The GoodmanŽ GSH13 13 SEER Heat Pump features an attractive louvered metal guard that protects the coil from damage and strengthens the unit. Designed for ground-level or rooftop mount, the base pan elevates the unit above the slab for excellent water drainage. Installation video is included.

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